The Residency

What will happen during the residency?


We want the residency to be as meaningful (and nice) for the participants as possible. What the Activist-in-residency program will be and and what you and the other participants would like to do is something we will be creating together. If you are selected for the program we will have further contact with you about your wishes. We will also be happy to assist you in connecting with people, organizations or anything else that can facilitate what you would like to do during your stay.


There will be social activities such as dinners and excursions and you will meet some of the nice people that work with Gotland Rainbow Group, Gotland Pride and Baltic Art Center.


Gotland Pride

Gotland Pride is November 9-15, 2015, with most of the activities during the weekend November 13-15. There will be seminars, workshops, movies and parties. If you want to exhibit, show or talk about some of your work (as an activist and/or artist) we hope to create opportunities for you to do so during Gotland Pride.


Travel arrangements

Travel arrangements will be made in dialog with you and we’ll try to be flexible, if you for example would like to make a stop in Stockholm during your travel to or from Gotland.



You will be staying at Baltic Art Center (BAC) which has 4 residency apartments and office/production facilities close to the harbour and the library in central Visby. You will have your own room, with shared bathroom, and there is a common living room and kitchen. The rooms are wheelchair accessible. You can make your own meals and there are also cafés and restaurants close by. There will also be some meals together with people from Gotland Rainbow Group, Gotland Pride and BAC. You can walk to everywhere in central Visby and there is a car available.

About Gotland


Gotland is an island in the Baltic Sea. It’s located 40 minutes by airplane and 4 hours by bus and ferry from Stockholm with several departures daily. The island has a unique and beautiful nature. The biggest town is Visby, a world heritage medieval city. Gotland is home to 60,000 people (and a lot more during the summer). It is also famous for being home to a lot of sheep, and for it’s large natural limestone ‘sculptures’ carved by the sea, known as ‘raukar’.



Gotland has a long history of attracting and inspiring artists, writers and filmmakers, perhaps most famously Ingmar Bergman. The island has three international artists centers, Baltic Art Center - partner to the Activist-in-residence program, Baltic Center for Writers and Translators and the International Composers Center, as well as the Ingmar Bergman Center at Fårö.