The Program

About the program


We believe art and cultural expression is a necessary and powerful tool for social change. The purpose of the Activist-in-Residence program is to support culture as a method for working with human rights, and specifically the rights of LGBTQI persons.The program aims to create an international exchange of queer culture and activist/artist strategies.


The residency program invites LGBTQI activists in the Baltic Region, Russia and Eastern Europe who create and make use of culture and art. The program is open for any kind of artistic or cultural expression, such as video, filmmaking, photography, painting, drawing, comics, visual arts, writing, poetry, performances, theater and interdisciplinary expressions.


The program selects 4-5 activists who will come to Visby for two weeks in November. The program covers travel expenses and accommodation. We will also pay the residents a small scholarship/per diem of 220 SEK, approx. €24, per day.

The program is hosted in collaboration with BAC - Baltic Art Center and Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators. Baltic Art Center has 4 residency apartments at its centrally located premises in Visby where 3-4 participants will be staying. One particant will be staying at the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators, together with other international writers. All participants will have activities together during the residency period. The next residency will be November 1-15, 2015. Deadline for applications is May 15, 2015. The first residency was November 3-16, 2014, see Past residencies.


The residents will close their Visby visit with the opportunity to participate in Gotland Pride (November 9-15). In collaboration with Gotland Pride we will also create more opportunities for contacts and exchange of queer culture and activist strategies between the residents and Nordic LGBTQI activists.


The program is run by the non-profit Gotland Rainbow Group (‘Gotlands Regnbågssgrupp’). The organization is politically and religiously independent and is a registered non-profit with The Swedish Tax Agency.


The program receives funding from the Swedish Art Council.



Baltic Art Center

The program is hosted in collaboration with BAC. BAC is a production office, a research, work- and meeting place for artists, curators, contemporary art writers and thinkers that develops, tests and runs a variety of production- and residency programs.

Region Gotland

The Activist-in-residence program is collaborating with Region Gotland as part of the Region’s vision to develop the island as a hub for international cultural exchange and artistic production and collaboration.


Gotland Pride

The program is collaborating with Gotland Pride to create possibilites for activists/artist to meet, show queer culture and exchange strategies.



Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators

The 2015 program is hosted in collaboration with Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators, an international residential centre for writers and literary translators and a working and meeting place for literary professionals.