The Activist-in-Residence program invites LGBTQI activists from the Baltic Region, Russia and Eastern Europe that use art and culture in their work with human rights.

The program is open for all artistic or cultural expressions, such as video, writing, photography, painting, drawing, performances, theatre and interdisciplinary expressions. The program covers travel expenses and accommodation and a small scholarship/per diem.


We believe art and cultural expression is a necessary and powerful tool for social change. The Activist-in-Residence program aims to create an international exchange of queer culture and artist/activist strategies for using culture in human rights work.


The program is run by the non-profit organization Gotland Rainbow Group, hosted in collaboration with Baltic Art Center, and receives funding from The Swedish Arts Council.


The Activist-in-Residence Program was held in Visby, Sweden during November 2014 and 2015. There is currently no active residency program open for application.


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